Scrap of Paper

Super nuts
July Smile


Wife said to me
John, you’re killin’ em

Well I got wide-eyed


No World Without You

Dancing across our wooden floor
Word and sound surrounds us
Watches over us

You dance with grace and a smile
I just watch and adore
Your cheekbones

This world was so plain and the sky was so grey
But you’ve parted the air with your dress and your hair
And I would give anything to just have you here
For the rest of time

Pull me closer to you like I do to you
So close that we can’t even breathe

Then just for a while contemplate with some style
So close that we can’t even breathe

You’ve changed me so,
Dido and Aeneas know:
That there is no world without you

Behemoth The Cat

Well the devil came and took me
Down a winding staircase
And I opened up the door
That stood beneath a fireplace

And the sun was beating down
And the trees swayed in the breeze
And the devil turned and said to me
“Here is everything you please”

“Here is everything you could want
Here is everything you need
We’ve girls in every bar
We’ll ignore all your misdeeds”

“You will be the king
Of everything you see
And everybody here
Will serve you happily”

For months I looked around
I searched until I fell
You were missing, you weren’t there
This truly was hell.

A Good Thing

So I’m sorry that I fell asleep
It wasn’t a review of the night
On the contrary
It’s most probably

A good thing

You know I love you so fucking much
I wouldn’t change a single freckle
Oh but seriously
I want you here with me

A good thing

I’m not as old as I am but it doesn’t show
I’m not as old as I am but you’d never know

Make a C shape it’s tried and tested
Your skin feels so warm
Just turn your back
In the sack

A good thing

I’ll stay awake all night for you tonight


Keep my head down
I’ve got to wait
This weather untimely
Forty past eight
No need to bother
End of the world
Ice on the wings and
Twenty five girls
Get me above ground
Get me outside
There’s no 3d movement
I can abide

Keep the drinks coming
Keep the drinks coming

Shift in my seat now
My knees are grazed
This magazine’s empty
My mind getting crazed
Oh good you’re asleep now
What about me
Knock me out, wake me up
When I can get free
Step in the tunnel
Race to the end
See you next year then
Never again

Eight Hours on the A329

Virtue is hidden in long stretches of time
She’s waiting up there but the fault isn’t mine
I’ve never been able to not get home
Power me down and leave me alone
But I don’t want to go, I’m scared of the snow

Dark and a blanket at five miles an hour
Jealousy comes and starts to devour
Auxiliary lights and abandoned shoes
I’ll let it win and I’ll let me lose
But I don’t want to go, I’m scared of the snow

Here at the roadside I’ve been forgotten
The water is brackish, the sandwiches rotten
Sleep then invades and won’t let me choose
I’ll let it win and I’ll let me lose
But I don’t want to go, I’m scared of the snow